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>> as of right now, we are not convinced that backing shutdown the right thing. >> not backing down. a pastor going ahead with burn a koran day despite a warning from military officials that it could put troops into danger. city on fire. look at these pictures. more claims today. did city budget cuts put residents in danger? plus lion attack on camera. a trainer sent to the hospital after a big cat goes wild. hello, everyone. i'm chris jansing. the planned burn a koran day is
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moving full steam ahead, despite international scorn brought down on the florida pastor and his small congregation of only about 50. the self-described nobody who admits to knowing very little about the holy book he intends to burn on 9/11 came out in front of his church this afternoon to explain his decision.ç >> just yesterday we got a phone call from a retired special force green beret, delta force. it was his opinion that the people that are on the field, the special forces he told us, are 100% behind us. >> this has turned into an international controversy. general david petraeus has warned that koran burn willing actually endanger troops and civilians abroad. tt vatican, secretary of constituent hillary clinton,
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even angelina jolie has condemned the plan. kerry sanders now from the site of the planned koran burning. >> so the church here in central florida says, chris, that they are going forward with their plan to burn the koran on the anniversary of 9/11 on saturday. it's a time when the city of gainesville will be filled with more than 90,000 additional residents coming here for a football game between the university of florida and the university of south florida down the street in tampa. so the police are not releasing what their security measures are going to be. but they have said local, state and federal, that's the department of homeland security, are involved in preparing to respond if it's needed. of course, the greatest concern is that if he and his congregation burn the koran, it
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might elicit violence. of course, the other concern is the possibility there could be violence overseas, folks in uniform, specifically in afghanistan and iraq. chris, bottom line a lot of attention here, a lot of anger growing around the world and a lot of concern over what an image of burning a koran here, once it hits the internet, what it will mean around the world. and what image it sends to the islamic world of the united states, even if this is a fringe group. chris? >> thanks very much, kerryç sanders. we're going to be talking about this controversy with reverend jesse jackson coming up in a few minutes. what sparked this religious intolerance is that proposed islamic cultural center near ground zero. and the imam behind it now says the project is, in fact, going to move forward. in a new op-ed, he says the project has the support of the
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downtown community, government at all levels and leader ace cross the religious spectrum. he has said in the past he believes the whole controversy has been stoked in large part because we're in the middle of an election season. if you want to know what a bellwether ohio is in any election, today's big economic speech by president obama in cleveland is his tenth in ohio since he was elected. his second time there in three weeks. today, it was obama getting personal, talking about the american greem. dream. >> michelle and i are where we are today because even though our families didn't have much, they worked tirelessly without complaint so that we might have a better life. my grandfather marched off to europe in world war ii while my grandmother worked in factories on the home front. i had a single mom who put herself through school and would wake before dawn to make sure i
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got a decent education. >> the president outlined his latest plan to fix a broken economy, including a business tax credit a payroll tax holiday, extending middle class tax cuts, and spending $50 billion on new infrastructure projects. senator sherrod brown got a shoutout at the beginning of the president's speech. it's good to see you. thank you for joining me, senator. >> thanks. good to be with you. >> we have two very opposing view, one from your fellow ohioan, john boehner, one from the president. what's going to fix this economy, senator? >> well, john boehner's shoe is to goat knovote no. we're going to vote on a bill next week that the chamber of commerce have supported. a lot of these are republican ideas, targeted tax cuts for the middle class. targeted tax cuts,ç especially
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for small business, which is the way we need to go to get this economy back in gear. two out of three new jobs in this country are created by small business. and the president, in addition, wants to take away the tax insentives for companies in the tax loopholes for companies to outsource jobs, instead reward those companies here and incent them to manufacture in the united states. i was in ohio today where first day the chevy cruise is coming off the line. because of the investment wes made in the auto industry, the jobs that's going to create. we know the auto industry, coupled with small business is what will pull us out of this recession. >> let me ask you specifically about some of the things where you disagree. and let's just take -- you mentioned the middle class tax credits, but you disagree with john boehner about continuing the tax cuts for people making over $250,000 a year. the argument that you hear for that is look, these are the people who are employing, these are the people who would spend. what about those tax breaks?
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is this a time -- and he's not the only one asking this question, by the way. there are plenty of economists who agree with him. is this the time essentially to increase taxes on anybody? >> first of all, the wealthy will get a tax cut even when the tax cut cuts off at $250,000. everybody will get a tax cut, everybody who's working. second, these tax cuts have not in the past -- when a millionaire or a gazillionare gets a tax cut, he's not hiring or putting money in the economy. it's really people that -- we need to create consumer demand. companies are pretty profitable now. we're seeing economic growth. we're just not seeing hiring. and that's because consumers don't have the confidence yet and don't have the jobs and the income to spend their money. you aim this tax cut at the middle class, you begin to create more demand and you're going to see job growth. at the same time, the president wants to help companies with their deductibility of their
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expenditures starting in 2011. that will free up a lot of money that these companies have held in cash reserves because of uncertainty. that will put money back into these companies. at the same time, we want to make sure that companies are spending the money here, investing it here instead of in china which is what happened too much in the last decade when we lost millions of jobs in this country. >> i was just handed a statement, a reaction statement from john boehner. he says, if the president is serious about finally focussing on jobs a good start would be taking the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax rates, couped with cutting federal spending to where it was before all the bailouts, government takeovers and stimulus spending sprees. even hillary clinton dsuggested today that the deficit was a threat to national security. the democrats have been in power for two years. the deficit has grown to record levels. what do you say to john boehner
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when he says we're spending too much money pop i wonder where john boehner was when george bush, john boehner, tom delay, the republican leadership in the senate took the biggest budget surplus in our nation's history in 2000 and then turned it into a $1 trillion largest deficit in our nation's history eight years later. two wars they didn't pay for, charged to our grand kids. bailout to the insurance and drug companies that the republicans did in the name of privatization of the medicare, handed it off to -- charged it to our children's credit cards. >> but there was the argument that was made -- that was the argument that was made two years ago by this administration in getting elected. the argument was made they took what was a surplus and turned it into a deficit, but that deficit has only grown, and significantly. >> that deficit has grown because we were handed off a -- when you have that kind of unemployment, 800,000 jobs a month we were losing the month
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president obama took office 18 months ago. today, for the last several months in a row, we're gaining private sector jobs. not enough, but the way that boehner in my state, all the republicans that drove us into the ditch, they're running for office again. they want us to say trust them. and they're not going to run the economy any differently. tax cuts for the rich, weakening regulations on special interests, more trade agreements that outsource jobs. they're the reason we got into this economic situation. i don't want to talk about the past, but i want to learn from it. and to follow what john boehner wants to do was what got us into this situation in the first eight years of this decade. >> senator sherrod brown from my home state of ohio, it's good to see you. thank you. next on msnbc, destruction in detroit. fire crumbles home after home. did firefighters have enough tools to fight the flames? under attack. a lion turns on its trainer at a vegas hotel.
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just about an hour ago, you heard it here, the pastor of a gainesville, florida, church vowed to go ahead with an international burn a koran day. good afternoon, reverend. it's always good to see you. >> good to see you. my heart is heavy about what has happened. for him to burn the koran is unchristian, it's immoral and dangerous. i've tried to reach him for the last three day on the telephone
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to appeal to him and prayer with him. please do not engage in a provocative act that could get so many people hurt and create so much division. >> this is a pastor who has only about 50ç followers. we talked about that quite a lot. he has said in the past, in fact, he said in a court deposition, he believes jews, buddhists, hindus, muslims, all nonchristians b and i'm quoting him, are of the devil. but he's gotten all this attention. the secretary of state is talking about. the vatican is talking about it, angelina jolie is in back stan talking about it. what do you make of all of this? is there a bigger picture in terms of where we are with religious tolerance in this country and everywhere. >> the media has made a littler picture a bigger picture by, in fact, covering it so widely. because clearly no church denomination in this country, protestant, catholic or jewish embraces this idea. and so we made him bigger than
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life. the more we isolate him, the better. so many other religious leaders are weighing in. i see rabbis, other christians. this does not represent the christian church. >> i want to play some sound for you if i can from new york city mayor michael bloomberg. he had a lot to say about the ongoing controversy about the center, the muslim cultural center down near ground zero. here's what he had to say about this latest controversy. >> the u.s. constitution says you have a right to do that. period. end of story. the government can't stop you from burning a book. i said i thought it was distasteful, disrespectful, an outrage. i thought it jeopardizes this country and the troops, but the constitution protects it. and we that believe in the constitution own the bill of rights or you don't. >> what do you think about what mayor bloomberg had to say?
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>> i think legally he is right, but it does not make it right. somewhere in something called judgment is discretion. the only motivation to burning the koran is to be hurtful. and you know, when i say it's unchristian, jesus was asked a question one day, who is your neighbor? a man was beaten on the road and about to die. he looked up a man of his own religion was coming towards him. another man of his own group went across (-"át other side and did not stop. but the samaritan from another country, another culture, another religion helped him on the way. so beyond culture and color is this issue of character. and so this is out of character statement, i suppose pastor jones is enjoying the attention from it. the bad news is he intends to purn the koran.
3:18 pm
that judgment is bad as burning the koran itself. >> you know, you and i i had conversations during the last election. and one of the questions that was raised about the previous administration was whether they had hurt our international standing abroad. and, you know, if there was a way in a new administration to repair that? you said you do think that this could put lives in danger? general petraeus said he thinks it puts not just troops in danger but also civilians in danger. but what about those relationships, the relationships that so many people wanted to forge in this new administration. >> well, the fact that secretary clinton and the president met trying to work out some middle east peace co-existing arrangement, those relationships are better. the president is in egypt, speaking to the muslim world and co-existing and those values that transcend religion of a particular sort.
3:19 pm
things are getting better to burst the whole balloon. i hope pastor jones will do the right thing. do not burn the koran. we should not burn holy books, it's not right, it's immoral, it's dangerous, it's prevok tif and it really is not fair. >> let us know should you hear from the pastor. we appreciate it. >> we're going to keep reaching out to him. i hope he will return our call. in detroit, a new house fire sparked up a day after that deadly domino effect kindled 85 firefighters in the city in just a matter of hours. fire crews don't know if hot spots sparked this fire, but the dry weather isn't helping things. forecasters say there's still an explosive fire growthç potenti.
3:20 pm
that's what their phrase is throughout the day. two of the fires are believed to be arson. but investigators think at least eight others started when wind gusts knocked down power lines. the dry, whipping winds then fanned flaps, sending burning debris into the air. >> manpower is so sparse. my men have got to pace themselves at this point in time. >> now today, both mayor and the fire commissioner addressed claims of well publicized budget cuts hurt firefighters' efforts. >> there are a lot of people who are nay sars saying you don't have enough equipment or people. i just don't think for a natural disaster, which is really what this was, i don't think you can appropriately plan for that. >> everybody know wes ear under budget constraints. so with those budget constraints, we're maximizing the equipment that we have and the manpower that we have.
3:21 pm
yesterday was an unusual day. in 32 years, i haven't seen that. >> first of all, kudos to your men. they did yeomans work yesterday. what's your opinion about the budget cuts saving homes? >> well, my opinion -- first of awe, thank you very much. our men and women, they do their job every single day. and i'm fortunate enough to be in front to help keep them safe. we knew a day like this was going to come. we live in a four season slate. we have flat wind, we have tornadoes. this is the first time -- and i've been on the job for 3 year, since 1977. this is the first time that i
3:22 pm
can remember in a long history where we were not able to respond to every single call. we used to have a simple thing called weight. how much firefighters and apparatus you through at something. we used to knock these things down and force them into each other. yes, it was a horrific kind of wind storm going on, but we had every confidence if given enough people, we brought out seven to ten firefighting companies a day. we're down probably 200 firefighters right now. we believe, given the appropriate response that we should have, we would have got on top of these things. >> what would have been different? obviously you talk about manpower. but give me a better idea of what these budget cuts have meant and in particular how they could have made what happened yesterday any different. i don't know if you had a chance to watch the news conference, but the press pushed hard about the question of budget cuts and
3:23 pm
they really weren't budging on it. >> well, that's right, but the press is sensitive because some of the press people last night were almost in tears. fire company, whether they're water, calling engines or ladder calling trucks or whatever, they have an appropriate amount of time for a response. fires double in size every two to three minutes. the longer it takes us to get there, the worse the fire is going to be. instead of getting there when it's one room, we might get there when it's one houses. and houses are very close to each other. our job is to protect property and save lives. if we don't get there in enough time, we look at multiple houses burning like yesterday. that's what i mean. >> well, congratulations to your guys who did work so hard. men and women there in the fire department. i can't imagine what that was like for them physically and
3:24 pm
emotionally. and thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead, those trapped chilean miners are rooting for the home team even hundreds of feet below ground. plus a sin city animal attraction turns frightening. a lion on the attack. and how does john boehner keep that summer glow? the minority leader opens up about the question that's been dogging him for quite a while now. how do you get that year-long tan? wait till you hear his answer. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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from one of the trapers and it appears a female lioness, the man is brought back to his feet. ron miguel joins me now. it's so hard to look at this for me, but based on your experience, what do you think miebt have happ might have happened here? >> basically, it was not a full fledged attack. it could be displaced aggression. something this lion saw upset it and the closest thing to it was this trainer and he grabbed the leg and that's what happened there. another thing it could have been -- keep in mind, lions are the only truly social cats. when trainers are working with lions they have to become a part of the pride. and this lion may have just been asserting himself. he might be a fairly new guy and green at what he's doing and this lion might have been asserting himself saying listen, you're lower. if you look closely, she's nervous, jumps on top of the lion because this lion has just made everything uncalm and she's
3:29 pm
trying to calm things down. but again, not a full fledged attack. if it was, chris, it wouldn't have lisued more than a coup of seconds. no trainer, no lioness would have gotten that lion off of him. >> the human is never going to win in that kind of situation. but what kinds of safeguards are generally in place? >> they've got a habitat set new the casino there. there's a lot of things going on. and granted they habituate the lions, but sometimes a marching band can come in and the lion doesn't do anything and then all of a sudden a napkin falls to the floor and the lion freaks out. the closest thing next to the cat is what's going to pay the price.
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>> new details about the devastating wildfires in colorado. a search is under way right now for several missing people. plus, big changes at google could change the way you surf the web. and tea drinker, listen up. the fda cracking down on tea companies for making false claims. what are they? msnbc back after this. and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free.
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>> i'm hampton pearson with your cnbc market wrap. here's a look at how stocks are trading so far today with 30 minutes left in the trading day. right now we see the dow up 40 points. nasdaq up almost 20 points. goog sl looking to give usersç instant gratification. a faster version of its search engine called google instant. as users type in their request, google instant provides live streaming requests, anticipating the search with each letter typed.
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no need to press the enter button. and applications for home loans were down just as mortgage rates edged up slightly from record lows. the mortgage bankers association said mortgage applications dropped 1.5% as the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan rose from 4.5%. chris, back to you on what's been a baz zi afternoon. >> i'm so glad i don't have to push that enter key for google right? >> the things we do. afghan fighters are winning the war. mohammad omar says they are winning the war in afghanistan. he's believed to be hiding in pakistan. all health workers are being told to get the flu shot. the pediatricians say unvaccinated doctors, nurses and other medical staff threaten
3:35 pm
patients. last year, only 37% of health workers got the swine flu vaccine. the government is warning to green tea makers to stop making unauthorized nutrition claims. the fda says canada dry ging gingerale improperly claims to be enhanced with antioxidants. they also say lipton tea falsely links drinking their tea to lower cholesterol. right now, firefighters are scouring boulder, colorado, where eight people are missing. it seemed the eight missing refused evacuation orders. this is very frightening news. what do we know about this search, miguel? >> it certainly is. we do know authorities are doing what they call welfare checks, trying to go door to door to
3:36 pm
where they believed these people lived. all eight of these people were holdouts. they belief they hammered, that nailed themselves down and said i refuse to evacuate their home. and that they believe they may still actually be holed up on the hill. i asked fire authorities point blank, do you believe there could be some fatalities. they told us sure, it's possible, but they don't believe there is any fatalities. they just believe they're holdouts that refuse to come down from the mountain and they remain unaccounted for. communications up there are still very sticky and iffy. they believe they're still out there, actually conducting these searches as we speak, trying to figure out exactly where on the mountain they live. now, as you know, chris, this fire really ripped across the mountainsi mountainside. charred 6100 acres, consumed at least 92 structures. authorities want to double check and make sure none of these
3:37 pm
residents, none of these eight people who were missing in any of these homes. and the missing persons list was much longer this morning but slowly people having accounted for and they believe these eight people will likely be accounted for, but again, no one knows for sure. >> let's see if thhope they're quickly. >> efforts to free the chileans continued with a live feed of the soccer match. it shows the men cheering to support the chilean national team which showed its support by wearing t-shirts that said "strength to the miners." an oil rig was damaged by a typhoon. 34 men were rescued from the platform which was dangerously close to the surface of the water. officials say no oil has spilled from that damaged rig. and tony blair has had to cancel a second book signing as
3:38 pm
threating from protestors continue to mount. anti-war demonstrators upset with the former british people for his defense of the iraq war fuelled protests in dublin last week. they promised further disruptions as his book tour continues. if republicans win back control of the house in november, minority leader john boehner of ohio would become the speaker. and perhaps the speaker with the best tan in the history of american politics. he was asked about his conspicuouslyç colorful complexion this morning and he defended it without hesitation. >> 30% of the voters think you spend too much time on your tan and 27% don't like it. is this something you have to -- >> well, they probably weren't there yesterday when i was out cutting my grass and riding my mountain bike, all right? >> so he is denying speculation that he's got a tanning bed in the basement. that's what i take that to mean, right? and where's the spf? the dermatologists are going to be calling us.
3:39 pm
use your sun screen. president obama's health care bill did include a 10% tax on bills for tanning booths and beds. as far as we can tell, though, no tax on cutting your own grass or riding your mountain bike in the sun. spray-on tans are not taxed. well, when you buy the spray it's taxed. okay. a new tactic to keep drivers alert. would seeing a child playing slow you down? details on what could be the speed bump of the future. plus a break in the case of those mum fied baby remains in los angeles. new clues are sending investigators across the border. >> time for your entrepreneur of the week. nasty gal was started when she was 22. she started by selling vintage clothes on ebay and now runs her own successful e commerce site. for more, watch "your business"
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sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal...
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until we make this right.
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somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. now a break in the case of the mummy baby mystery. two babies have been found in a long forgotten trunk in the 1930s. who are these infants? andç how did a trunk full of kp stakes become their tomb?
3:43 pm
the answer may lie 30,000 mile ace way across the border in vancouver, canada with a link to the owner of the trunk. nbc's lee cowan is following the case. what's new there? >> you will remember, these two bodies were wrapped in newspaper from the 1930s. they were then each individually put in two separate black doctor's bags and then locked in that trunk. but that trunk had a lot of clues that police were using to look at. it had been forgotten long ago sitting in the corner of a basement in a vintage los angeles apartment building until two residents pried it open. u there were christmas cards in there, they tracked the trunk down to a woman named janet berry. she actually used to work as a private nurse here in los angeles during the 1930s. now, she died in canada about ten years ago, but investigators have tracked down a nephew and a niece. they say they now will be able to provide dna samples to see if there's any links between the two babies and berry herself.
3:44 pm
no matter who the babies are, though, we still don't know how they died. the corner said there's know sign of trauma, but we don't know at this point, whether they were the result of an abortion, a premature birth or what not. there was a bit of speculation this may have some connection to a very famous author. there was another women named gene berry, related to james berry, the author of "peter pan." there were a lot of peter pan memorabilia found there as well. they think this trunk really did belong to the woman who as i said was a nurse back in the '30s. we're going to have to wait on this 70-year-old mystery for modern technology to see if there's any link and what more the dna samples they be able to tell. pretty strange case. >> it is amazing after all these years they think they can get good answers to this. thanks, lee. up next, what's the most dangerous city for you to just walk around? we'll tell you what it is. plus, where you're safest
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a little touch of fatfields and mccoys. well, today's main event features the president of the united states taking on the minority leader of the house, republican john boehner on his home turf, ohio, where the president was critical of a speech boehner delivered last month. >> there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas there was just the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decade that nerp in power.
3:49 pm
the same fe loss fi thphilosoph this mess in the first place -- cut more tacks for millionaires and cut more rules for corporations. >> boehner launched a preemptive strike this morning. >> the american people are asking the question, where are the jobs? and yet here's the white house worrying about what i've got to say instead of working together to get our economy going and to get jobs back in america. >> former democratic congressman martin frus of texas joins me from washington and former republican congressman bob bauer of georgia joins mess. congressman martin frost, let me start with you. obviously a lot of election season politics going on. but what do you make of what john boehner has to say? the bottom line is, where are the jobs and this administration hasn't delivered?ç >> well, actually, the administration has some very good proposals. some proposal, which are not going anywhere, but the r&d tax
3:50 pm
credit create jobs. the business of the tax breaks also, eliminating the tax breaks for the domestic oil and gas industry is not a good job. they would do that to pay for the infrastructure bank. that's not going anywhere. the senate already voted on those tax issues, and rejected them 61-35 earlier this summer so the president's got some good ideas and some ideas that are just politics at this point, but at least he's trying. at least he's putting forward a program, and if the republicans want to say no to all of this, say, we don't want to take care of accelerated depreciation or do r & d tax credits for business, it's pretty clear the republicans aren't part of the solution. >> a lot of people are saying a lot of proposals democrats are putting forth is things the republicans were talking about and they are saying no now because the president is talking about them. what is it about the president's claims that the gop ideas are
3:51 pm
what landed us in the recession in the first place and americans would be wrong to go back? >> this is really sort of a humorous set of circumstances here. the fact of the matter is that both parties clearly are to blame for the overspending that got us into this situation in the first place. the bottom line though at the end of the day it's all politics and that it's going to be a wash come november. it's going to be a wash because what the president is proposing is too little too late. it's not going to be understandable to the average voter out there whether a corporation business can write off, can depreciate investments over five years or over one year. that's not going to matter to the average voter. this administration is going to be blamed for a sour economy, and whether that's fair or not, the bottom line is that's what's going to happen come november. it's just too late for the president to turn things around. >> well, congressman frost, i
3:52 pm
think there is general agreement, whether you're on the political side or on the economic side, that nothing he's proposing today is going to turn around the economy, so it's not going to impact the election in that regard, but what about the question that has been raised. you know, he spent so much political capital and so much time, a year and a half, on health care. should heç have been focusing jobs and the economy more? >> well, first of all, as you know, he inherited a very bad situation. he did focus on the economy. we had a stimulus bill. can you argue about whether it was entirely successful, but it did put some people back to work. health care was the right thing to do. probably where the president went astray is by pushing cap and trade, by pushing energy legislation that was not going to go anywhere. he used up an enormous amount of his political capital, hurt himself among democrats in the midwest where you have a lot of very closely contested congressional races. if he could have changed one thing, it should have been to have forgotten about the cap and trade proposal. health care was the right thing to do. the stimulus was the right thing
3:53 pm
to do. he inherited a very bad economic situation. there's been some improvement. it hasn't been enough for some people, but, again, the republicans are just saying no, no, no, to everything he proposes and i think the public understands that. the public wants the two parties to work together, particularly when the president is saying, look, let's enact some things that the republicans themselves have said they want. the republicans are the ones who argued in favor of r & d tax credit and the republicans argued in favor of accelerated depreciation. bob may think it's a bad argue but the republicans in washington have been arguing for those for some time. >> how do we get past the politics of this? america is hurting. americans are hurting. how can we get to a point to move this stuff forward? you're no stranger to intractability in washington? how do you get out of it? >> you're not going to. you're not going to change the political dynamics two months out from a major off-year election because the system is what it is. you have two major parties,
3:54 pm
monopoly parties. you have no room for any outside ideas or fresh ideas. both parties are locked into the partisan political bickering and that's not going to change, and -- and what the president should have realized is months ago and speaker pelosi as well and harry reid as well, they should have realized months ago the situation that they were facing. they didn't, and now they see it coming, but i'm afraid that it's simply too late for the democrats. i think the dye is already cast for this election.ç it's simply a matter of how many seats will they lose, whether they will lose 40 seats or 35, for example, in the house, or maybe even more. >> congressman -- i don't think the dye is cast. i think a lot of the races are going to be very close and will go right down to the end and the president is correct to say this is our -- this is our economic agenda. if the republicans have a better idea, let's see it. i think if the republicans don't, that will cost them some seats. >> all right.
3:55 pm
texas congress man martin frost and former congressman robert barr, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> what's the most dangerous city for taking a stroll? well, "good" magazine ranks atlanta as the most dangerous city for pedestrians in an article titled "grimly walking." them two and three danger zones, detroit and l.a. >> avatar technology at work, and scientists have discovered what makes women think one guy is a good dancer and another guy not so sexy. a team of uk psychologists found the good moves are all about avoiding repetition. they say bad dancers just move their arms and legs in a constant set of motions. i don't think either of these guys is very sexy, do you? what do you think, audrey? no. in british columbia, watch out for mirages on the road. police are testing out 3-d optical illusions to keep people from speeding near schools.
3:56 pm
ghostly images of children playing in the street emerge as a car drives by. sounds pretty frightening if you don't know it's coming which is why police want to make sure they get the word out. that's going to be our show for this wednesday. i'm chris jansing. k "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. the president's multi-billion dollar plan for an economic boost and he'll also present the republican ideas. we'll be right back. . plus it has fifteen grams of protein to help maintain muscle. compare it to the leading competitor. boost high protein also has calcilock blend, with calcium and vitamin d to help maintain strong bones. get complete, balanced nutrition so you can stay active. try boost high protein. also available in powder. this has been medifacts for boost.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone
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and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number? good afternoon to you. hi. i'm dylan ratigan and 55 days to the election, and our leaders are still playing politics with the american economy. both the president and the gop outlining plans to create jobs, but did they address the structural problems that are creating the destruction of jobs? and even if they do, do they have any chance of really becoming law? we'll talk to white house economic adviser austan

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